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Blog Changes

If you haven’t already noticed, there are some big blog changes going on here at! I am finally getting around to the long over-due job of putting my photography on here and updating the blog to be more user-friendly towards both photography and writing. You’ll find photo links on the left. Also, my about page should be changing here in a few days and my written posts will be cleaned up. Feel free to look around and let me know what you think!

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I am Charlie Eich. I am a student, friend, and occasionally, a writer. Native to the great state of Colorado. This site is where you will find any and all words of mine. Whether they be a short story, poem, or simply thoughts, these are the things I found worthy of the world wide web. Enjoy.

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  1. Betsy Eich

    Hi Char! I looked at a lot of your blog updates and pictures. They are wonderful!!! I had fun seeing the London pics again. I’m so thankful to have been there and can relate! You’ve had so many wonderful travelling opportunities already and memories to treasure. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! I love you and hope these next few days of re-entering the ranch go well. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Love…Mom

    Betsy Eich,

    Mother of all oaks! 🙂

    Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2015 19:00:00 +0000 To:

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