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Well, I promised…

I promised you, more than a year ago now, that I would be updating some stuff on here. Well, I got caught up in all that school biz and it never happened. I posted some pictures, but even those are all two years old or older. However, I finally found a good reason to start posting again:

A prof is making me.

And I am thrilled.

I’m really looking forward to getting more content on here, and I am also excited by the prospect of putting forward some ideas that will be part of the class. It is an education class that basically asks the question, why do we need school, and why do we need to write? Over the course of the next 16-ish weeks I will have the opportunity to delve into these questions.

I hope, however few of you there may be, that you enjoy walking through this process with me. Please feel free to join in the conversation in the comments section, but please be respectful. This will be a place to dialogue and learn together. Unless we listen to one another, learning will be very difficult.

Lastly, perhaps this will get me thinking about this blog and writing more. My preference is to write fiction, so maybe you will see that pop up on here soon.

No promises though…

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I am Charlie Eich. I am a student, friend, and occasionally, a writer. Native to the great state of Colorado. This site is where you will find any and all words of mine. Whether they be a short story, poem, or simply thoughts, these are the things I found worthy of the world wide web. Enjoy.


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