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Morning Pages: Anxiety? HA!

Today’s prompt for morning pages comes from Kendall, Sarah, and Cass. They simply asked us what worries, fears, anxieties, we may have about teaching.

Welp, here goes…

The first thing that came to mind when they asked that question is the simple fact that I am a people-pleaser, and in the teaching profession, there are a lot of people to please. There are your students (who, to quote someone wise than me, they don’t need to like you but it sure makes things easier), there are parents, there are administrators, there is the community at large that has high expectations for you–the patrons of America’s future.

Ha! Jokes are fun.

They’re also my favorite way to deal with anxiety because it totally takes the attention off of the thing you may or may not be anxious about… which is how you can tell that what the above is real.

But, of all those things, the one that worries me most is administrators. Why? Because I have this feeling that I may be that teacher that causes some concern among parents. What if the literature I choose to teach is too mature for what they want their kids to hear? What if the content is *gasp* inflammatory or says something bad about the current state of our society. What if there is a sex-reference (thanks Shakespeare, can’t avoid those in your work), or violence, or… lessons to be learned?

(My mom and dad read this blog so this is my note to them: this is not to slight the way you parented… I know you loved me and did your best. I love you too!) I know the things I was sheltered from growing up, but I also know how my literature classes expanded my perspective. I hope I can assign work that does the same for my students.

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  1. Pops

    I’ll never forget my mom finding J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” in my bedroom. Thought she’d rip my head off…until I explained it was required reading for one of MY English classes. Then it was, “Oh. Okay.” As parents, we are obligated to try to place realistic boundaries on our children. Yet, as my much-stricter-than-me mother realized, there are ‘safe’ places to allow our children to go that will allow them to expand and mature in healthy ways.

  2. Exactly! That’s my hope. And I hope to always have a good reason for why I assign texts. I don’t want to be derisive just for the sake of upsetting parents, but for the sake of exposing students to other perspectives. I know that was good for me, or at least I think it was and it’s too late to go back now hahaha.

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